Author: Shannise Jackson-Ndiaye

I am an educator, blogger, and independent journalist.


My name is Shannise Jackson and I am an educator and writer. I taught English Language Arts and Social Studies for middle school students for twenty years. I am currently working on my second book, The Nadir. The Nadir is based on the life of my great great great grandfather, Jim Boyland. It is historical fiction and takes place during the Reconstruction Era and the time period after known as the The Nadir (low point). The Nadir took place from 1889 and through the early 20th century. It is almost uncanny how the last two years of my great great great grandfather’s life is perfectly described by this era.

I will post my journey in learning more about my family’s history and writing my first historical fiction book. I will share my discoveries, musings, challenges and triumphs. I look forward to sharing this experience with you and hearing from you.